LED Light Bulbs Vs. CFL Light Bulbs: Which is the Best for Me?

At present one of the most used energy is none other than the electrical energy in the world. Today most of the machineries, appliances and others used in industries and for domestic purposes run on electricity which is indeed a very demanding source across the globe. Some of the common sources used for the purpose of lighting were the Tube lights and bulbs. Over the time they were replaced by the introduction of energy saver light bulbs like CFL and LED lights.

gourav roshni

Comparing LED Light Bulbs and CFL Light Bulbs

On an average CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) last for about 8000 hours while LED light bulb (light-emitting diode) last for about 50,000 hours. The disposal of CFL becomes difficult because it contains the toxic material mercury. LEDs are costlier in comparison but if the features are compared the cost proves to be lesser than CFL bulbs. For instance if we take into consideration a 60 Watt incandescent bulb, the cost of using it for 10 years based on 6 hours per day is approximate INR 11880 while the price of using 60 Watt LED for the same period is approximately INR 2376. The vast difference of cost can be clearly noticed. Today there many LED lighting companies manufacturing the demanding LED light bulbs in the different capacities.


I have noticed that in comparison to CFL, the demand of LED lights have increased considerably in the last few years. The wide ranges of LED lights are more environment-friendly, user-friendly, cost-effective, and safe for the domestic and commercial uses. The LED light makers across the globe are engaged in the production of the widest variety of the energy-efficient LED lights for the varied uses.

Based on the varied comparisons with CFL, I have found that LED light is the best for me and I would like to recommend it to all the users.