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Gourav LED Products

Energy Saving Eco-Friendly LED Lights

Founded by legendary Mr. Prem Khanna, in 1991 with a vision to be a globally leading brand providing all electrical solutions at the most affordable price, Gourav, today, manufactures a wide range of top-notch LED products including the most-sought after LED light bulbs that can save up to 60% of energy compared to conventional lamps.

Gourav has today emerged as a leading brand in LED light manufacturing industry in India, offering an array of technology-driven valued products. Gourav LED light bulbs sport an assortment of innovative features such as a built-in driver, greater color rendering index(CRI), high power factor(HPF), low THD, and wide beam angle that creates a very comfortable lighting distribution (low glare). Moreover, they have an aluminum heat dissipation structure that ensures energy saving. The bulbs have zero UV emission – UV rays may cause several skin problems.

All products are made in compliance with highest international standards, using AI Casting material. No hazardous materials such as mercury are used. Other features include low THD, low unified glare, low working temperature, uniform light glow distribution, and low maintenance cost.

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Gourav Fans

Gourav Fans – Confluence of Quality and Style

Fans are a crucial appliance used everywhere from home, office, transportation to public places such as hospitals, schools, etc., providing fresh natural air. Gourav, a globally recognized brand, offers a wide range of high-quality fans from decorative fans with light, ceiling fans with LED light to most-widely-used designer fans that will add a unique aura to your personality and living style.

Gourav has also carved a niche as one of the most prestigious ceiling fan manufacturers in India. Made to highest standards practiced globally, its fans boast of a number of cutting-edge features that may include low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, long lasting, robust design, and most importantly highly affordable. Lights used in decorative ceiling fans are highly energy efficient and made using fine grade material with no hazardous elements such as mercury known to cause several skin problems. The brand is one of the top suppliers of energy efficient ceiling fans with light that are widely used for a decoration purpose.

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Modular Switches

Smooth Operation, Excellent Performance

Accentuate your home décor by choosing sleekly designed modular switches. Crafted for excellent performance, switches provide an exceptional ease of operation along with several incredible advantages over general switches. Available in a variety of finishes, they will complement your walls while rendering you a true sense of luxury and comfort. Developed with insulated looping of wiring – a new development in modular switches – Gourav Modular Switches provide a great level of safety and comfort. They are designed to last for a long time with a seamless smooth operation.

Gourav, a leading brand in India that has been providing world-class electrical products since 1991, aims at offering modular switches that push the boundaries of excellence – be it in design or performance. With a vision to bring the best value in each of our products, we ensure that switches are aesthetically designed, using the lasted cutting-edge technology and are perfect to accentuate the elegance of your walls in the best way. Also, already carved a distinguished niche for decorative ceiling fans with light, ceiling fan with led light, and designer fans in India, the brand’s modular switches are widely used in both commercial and domestic sectors.

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Conventional Switches

A True Blend of Stunning Art and Cutting-Edge Technology

Give a mesmerizing touch to your walls with aesthetically designed conventional switches globally acclaimed to be perfect for appliances, like decorative ceiling fans with lights, designer fans, etc. Complying with international safety standards in the electrical industry, the switches are a great addition to an effort for accentuating the elegance of the interior of a space.

Made of fine-grade material that provides the switches great resistant against general wear and tear, conventional switches are available in an array of finishes and colors. They are designed to enhance the style quotient of your walls while rendering a great level of comfort and safety. Conventional switches are widely acclaimed for both domestic and commercial applications.

Conventional switches are affordable yet provide all the advantages of a classy modular switch. Moreover, looks are very stylish and luxury, giving you a true sense of living extravagantly. With a vision to be a globally recognized brand, Gourav offers all electrical solutions under one roof including designer fans, decorative ceiling fans, and energy saver light bulbs that will save you money over time.

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Electric Wires

Premium Quality Electric Wires for Various Applications

Electrical wiring is a crucial part of a building – be it a house, an office, a hospital or a school. We, at Gourav – a fast growing full electrical solutions provider – offer a wide range of wires to be used in various applications such as electrical control panels, industrial sheds, buildings, etc.  The wires are made of high-quality material that enables high performance and long term use.

As to cater all wiring needs, we provide different types of top-notch wires. Our products are widely used across multiple verticals and categories. Our product range includes building wire, portable cord, armored, tray, aluminum alloy wires, and many more. Be it industrial automation or domestic use, we, at Gourav, strive to meet your needs through highest quality products at highly affordable price. The list of our offerings also includes decorative ceiling fans with light, designer fans, energy saver light bulbs, etc.

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Innovative affordable switch gears with latest cutting-edge features

Switchgear is the combinations of electrical disconnect switches, fuses also known as circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. They are also called switching devices which are the backbone of modern electrical systems. Switchgear is used for de-energizing equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream.

Use high-quality switch gears of international standards to enhance the lifespan of your electrical appliances, like decorative ceiling fans with light, and energy saver light bulbs.

Gourav is a leading manufacturer & supplier of different types of switchgear such as LT switchgear, HT switchgear. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that allows you to ensure perfect design, operation, and protection of switchgear including circuit breakers, transformers, relays, switches, and fuses. Sporting cutting-edge features such as circuit breaker technologies, GIS, current and voltage transformers, protective relays, energy metering, generator protection, EHV transmission system control, protection and many more, our switch gears are widely used for electrical power grids, industrial facilities, and residential and commercial buildings.

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