29, Apr , 2019

Antique themes of homes have always reflected richness of taste and heritage. In the past few years, antiquity of the house has become the hottest trend. It’s not only prevalent in designing homes, but a touch of antique charm has also become common everywhere you go such as restaurants. This trend is attracting homeowners quite a lot these days and they often look for the best home designers in India to help them embellish their homes and give them an antique turn. If the same idea also has crossed your mind often, there are a lot of simple and effortless ways to fulfill your wish along with an assistance of a learned home designer.

Trash Is Not Always Trash: You must have spotted some unusual items being used as attractive tools of decoration at a friend’s or relative’s house during a visit. Often the items that we discard thinking of them as trash make for brilliant tools to convert them into antique decorative items. For example, you can paint an old aluminum kettle and use it as a centerpiece for any of your tables. Such items not only make your house look serene, but they also make a unique statement.

Utilize Your Rusty Furniture: You cannot continue using your old furniture after it has served its lifetime. But it doesn’t mean that it has to go out of the house. You cannot imagine in how many beautiful ways you can utilize your old furniture to give your house some captivating antique details. For example, you can use your bed stand for a central cabinet door. In such ways, you can reintroduce your furniture in form of intriguing elements of your house.

Use Old Tools for Mainstream Decoration: Reimagining your house with a layer of antique touch is all about creativity. The more creative you can think, the classier you can make your house look. Such as, turning an old retired car wheel into a plant holder or using a rusted old bicycle in the backdrop of a solid colored wall. Such little shifts and placements make a huge difference when you are planning to turn up your house with antiquity.

Make Use of Old Bedspreads as Tapestry or Bath Rugs: Tapestries have been an integral part of home decor in the ancient regal times. Due to not being in the use in contemporary interior style, tapestries can make for major antique elements if you think about bringing them home. Although classic tapestries are easily available on online and offline markets for you to select from, what’s interesting is that you can get them at your own home. Old bedspreads and delicate quilts and blankets with detailing make for amazing tapestries. It’s even better if it looks its age because the fade speaks for its ancient charm.

Bath Rugs are essential to ensure accident proof bathrooms. They prevent you from slipping and make cold tiles feel cozy. You can use old quilt or blanket to make beautiful antique Bath Rugs and enjoy the comfort of your accident proof bathrooms.

Bring Home Rural Touch: It’s a very empowering thing that this urgent call for antiquity in the house decor is enriching the rural market. From kitchenware to home decor items, people are going back to rural parts to get glimpses of rural living to make a conflicting modern statement through their interior designing. You can do just the same and shop for your house from rural areas whenever you get a chance. The locally made items are great example of the rich handicraft culture of India that gives your house a tone of plush culture and heritage of our country.

When you plan to renovate or redecorate your house, browsing online is always the best start. You can get valuable consultation from best home designers in India. Then, with an assistance of professional designers and a personal attendance of yourself, you can turn your house in a place of your dreams that reflect your imagination from every corner.