29, Apr , 2019

Living Room is the place in an apartment, meant for relaxing and socializing. Hence it must be cosy, comfortable and reflect the taste, choice and personality of the owner of the house. In short, living room bears the signature of the entire apartment.

Naturally much care is taken to decorate the living room. But modern days apartments cannot afford to make a large living room. Shortage of space is always a factor to count upon. Despite, there are some ways which can be applied to make a small living room look bigger and brighter. Here are a few suggestions for interior design of a living room in order to make it look bigger.

Things to Keep in Mind First

The foremost things to keep in mind before decorating the living room are the Space, Furniture, Colour Schemes, and available accessories. Too much of anything will make it look smaller.

Choice of Furniture

Minimum usage of Furniture is necessary in case of the interior design of a small living room. The Sofa and chairs are to be placed together and not against the wall. This will make space for easy movement in the room and make it look bigger. Instead of keeping separate chairs only a sofa can be kept to make the room look bigger. An Ottoman also can be kept to serve the purpose of storage and sitting as well. This also minimizes the use of furniture in the living room. A transparent centre table will also help it look spacious.

Colour Scheme

The selection of colour for walls is another important aspect of decorating a living room. The lighter shade of paint is very much useful to heighten the look of the living room. The dark shades suppress the spaciousness of a room. Hence it is wiser to use the lighter tones in case of a smaller living room in order to look it bigger.

Selection of Curtains

To match the colour of the walls the curtains should be of lighter fabrics. The heavier fabrics are suitable for spacious rooms. Thick curtains absorb light and give a dull effect, while the light curtains allow light to penetrate through and heighten the spaciousness of the room. However, the most effective option is to choose the same colour for the walls and curtains. At the same time the curtains should be long that is from the ceiling to the floor and truly this makes the living room appears bigger.

Use of Lamps

Another important phenomenon for the interior design of living room is the choice of lamps. Instead of keeping long lamp shade table lamp, hanging lamp shades or wall lamps can be used. These lamps make the living room look bigger and serve the purpose of decoration.

Use of Shelves

There are plenty of living room decor ideas, one of them being usage of shelves on the wall. The shelves on the wall can accommodate books, magazines, show pieces. But these things should be kept in a way that the shelves must not look clumsy. Moreover a Floor to Ceiling book case can be kept in the corner of the room and this indeed enhances the effect of the room. The shelves hanging from the ceiling also caters to this purpose.

Choice of Rugs

A rug with elongated designs suits the purpose of decorating a small living room and naturally makes it look bigger. Moreover one single big rug under the sofa, centre table makes the space bigger, instead of smaller rugs.


Besides, a mirror on the wall gives the impression of a bigger room. The corners can be effectively used by keeping plants in a flower pot. Paintings or Photo Frames on the wall are also another one of the great living room décor ideas. The windows must be kept open to pass enough light and air. Last of all arrangement is crucial, the living room must be kept neat and clean and free from clutters. A tidy room always looks bigger.

However, an expert interior designer can provide the customers with all sorts of suggestions and help them to furnish and decorate their dream home. With their in-depth knowledge and aesthetic sense, they can contribute immensely do the decoration of your living space.